How We Generate Strategic Insights

At The Paradigm Shift we create innovative and custom solutions to meet the needs of your organisation. These solutions, no matter how large or small will always meet our criteria of being:

  • Expert
  • Relevant
  • Impactful

By providing insightful outcomes and initiatives, we can help contribute to the growth, profitability, direction and goodwill of your business.

See how we have helped others along the way.


"Over a number of years, Robin continued to add considerable value to the business based on his formidable market research skills, deep understanding of the consumer and the ability to craft that knowledge into working with our team to develop both strong marketing strategies & supporting initiatives. I would recommend Robin and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future."

− Jason Wegrzyn, Global Professional Marketing Director – Oral Care at Johnson and Johnson

"In that time Robin has felt more like a member of the core team rather than an external partner. He has a vast and current knowledge of research tools and methods, and never fails to identify key consumer insights that will help deliver business results."

− Kapil Jaswal, Senior Brand Manager at Johnson & Johnson